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Hello Meghan,

Your rats are very cute! I think Monkey's face is the cutest! I enjoyed the Christmas pictures! I admire your website, which is very well done and informative.
Hi Meghan,

It was great to meet you, and our girls are doing great will email you later with some details. Both me and mom love the girls so much.

Great website.
I've been looking at your site for quite sometime. Its a great site. I've been meaning to post on here for awhile but I never got around to it. Your rats are all so cute. I have four girls of my own. Aubary is a black hooded. Bugzy is a champagne beige. Bean and Socks are both black berkshires. They all live happily together. Rats are quite addicting. I have 34 animals all together and rats are my favorite species.
Lovely site, and rats.
I've been poking around your site. I have a young, male I had to pull out of a feeder tank at the pet shop. He's turned into a real sweetheart, after being terrified of everything at first. I'm really enjoying him, but am wondering if I should get him a companion. Not sure, as he seems to be doing very well as a solo, but I do worry, always, about meeting my animals' needs.

I also have German Shepherds, and loved the shots of your beautiful sables. Very, very nice heads.
Holly & Danny
Hi Meghan...just letting you know, my 2 boys, Bubba and Mojo, sons of Hershey and Casper are so sweet. Mojo, is a beautiful mush, just like his dad Hershey, and Bubba is busy, playful and inquisitive...they are like the Felix and Oscar of the ratty world. Mojo is the laid back, fatty ratty, easy going like oscar, and bubba is the neurotic, a bit nervous but utterly adorable felix...keepiing a tidy cage !!! My boys respond to their names, give us kisses, and free manicures when presented the opportunity!! They are my babies and I look foward to seeing them each day! Thanks again for breeding such well tempered, beautiful ratties!!
It was great seeing you again yesterday (twice if you count the tv spot!). Big old papa bear Hershey is all settled in with his little cage mate, Cadbury. I will try intros later on today once they are a bit more familiar with their new surroundings. Keep up the great work. It surely shines through.
Regine Blackmar
Enjoyed the website. We have had female rats off and on for 16+ years. Almost always lose them to tumors, just lost one two weeks ago. After going through your website, I will make changes to how we raise a rat if the family elects to get another one. Thanks for having so much information available- Only wish I lived closer to adopt one.
just filled out an adoption paper on the beautiful russian blue boy u have. I just fell in love with his picture.... I even picked out a name (Tommy)!
he will be super-loved if i get him!
Your website is very INFORMATIVE. I filled out an adoption form and now know alot more about rattie care then I did before thank you soo much.

Leah...Leahhers@yahoo OR
Amanda of SCRP
Hey Meghan,
The boys we adopted are doing excellently and I adore your new website!! Dont forget us over here at Scrappy's Rats!! =)
great design - love the colors!
Hi Meghan!

I am so sorry I haven't been able to keep you updated, I've been very busy with the current semester.. but Rusty and the charcoal boy (who I have named Bandit) are doing GREAT!

I named him Bandit because he's a little thief! He steals Rusty's yogies(because he gobbles his down so fast I don't even think he chews them! hehe) and he always takes the toys away from Rusty! But they're best buddies, they always sleep together in their wheel (which both of them use now, amazingly!) and in their hammock or tunnel... and they are really starting to know their names now when I call them!

I'm so happy with them, they have the best personalities! I just wanted to keep you updated, I'll email you some pictures soon! Thanks again, and I can't wait to see the litters as they grow, and I especially can't wait for my next 2 boys! :]

-Michele, Rusty and Bandit!
Hi! Just cruised through your website & have to tell you how great it is! Really alot of information provided. Keep up the great work!
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new babies. The girls are so sweet and well-socialized. They have even started grooming me when I have them out (I feel so honored!), especially Freya (the Siamese) who takes it upon herself to open my mouth herself and check things out whenever she feels like it! When I am ready for some new babies I will definitely come back to you. Thanks!
Hey Meghan, this is a great site you've made. Good work I'm so glad to see that other Jerseynites have love for rats. Sometime's I think I'm the only one. I work in NYC, and most new yorkers think owning rats is the most bizarre hobby, but once someone sees the temperment of my rats, it always changes their minds. So- power to you for getting yourself out there and advocating and caring for these ratties.
Messages: 46 until 60 of 109.
Number of pages: 8
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